Integral Melbourne (IM) provides a context for practicing self-development in community, and finding ways to integrate personal growth with creating positive change in the world.

Vision: To build a community guided by the principles of personal transformation and service of others and the world.


Mission: To share the findings of our community-building journey, to encourage the emergence of other transformative communities around the world.


Life’s better when we’re together. 


IM is a community of people who are passionate about growing, enjoying and giving back.


We are knit together by our dedication to “the upward shift”, the universal experience of upliftment in its various forms – love, vitality, understanding, humour, and so on. 


We think that community involvement is one of the keys for wellbeing and personal development – and for having a healthy society! – and so we meet regularly for both structured programs and also informal hang-outs.


If any of this is resonating, we’d love to have you along at one of our events soon! 


Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.


With love,

The Integral Melbourne Team

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