Soul Talk

These sessions allow us to support each other at the cutting edge of our own spiritual journeys, irrespective of which tradition we practice in (if any!). After an initial group meditation, we each have the opportunity to share about what is present for us emotionally and spiritually, and we open to feedback from the group.

A willingness to be authentic in a group context is required. Please call or email ahead if you are interested in coming for the first time.


$10 + BF

Keep The Feeling

Within every person there is a potential for great love, energy and joy. Keep The Feeling is an opportunity for us to get together with the intention of finding and celebrating that potential within ourselves and each other. We want to warmly invite you along!

First, we listen to ourselves, dropping in with a guided meditation and getting in touch with our inner world. Second, we listen to each other, engaging in facilitated group conversations that provide space for each person to share themselves authentically. Finally, we eat, enjoying a vegetarian potluck dinner that all attendees will be able to contribute to.

Soul Chant

Join us for a night of...

1) Guided meditation, Soul Talk-style.
2) An introduction to the profound method of chanting and the nectarean path of devotion.
3) A combination of Sanskrit and English songs.


$10 + BF


Our next social event will be "integral surfing"! Stay posted -- it will be over summer.
All will be welcome! 

Soul Talk Facilitator Training

We are currently training up new Soul Talk facilitators, so the priority of this group will be on learning the Soul Talk technique of processing one another (through meta commentary as we go).


The basic structure will be...
1) A
 10-15 minute teaching and group discussion.

2) A guided meditation.
3) Two or more Soul Talk processes (including a group discussion on the dynamics that occurred).

Our hope is that others can take up the torch, make it their own, and carry it into their worlds!

The training is $10/session and takes place in person (Glen Waverley) or via a Zoom link for our Melbourne based, interstate or international friends that want to join in online :)


In the past we have run various events that have included: meditation, group sharing, book club, chanting, jamming, potluck dinners, going out for meals and drinks, hanging out at the beach and live stand-up comedy.

Our next social event will be "Integral Surfing"!

Stay tuned as it will be some time during summer 2019-20. All will be welcome!

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