1) What is Soul Talk?

Soul Talk is a simple yet transformative process that involves an exploration of your inner world within a group context.
It's a space where people can feel safe to be vulnerable and all judgment is left at the door. Participants both provide and receive mindful feedback, which often results in the upliftment of all involved.

1) We begin with a guided meditation to check-in with ourselves.
2) We briefly share the state of our inner world with the group.
3) A facilitator invites a group member to explain the nature of any blocks or contracted emotions they described and the areas of life they believe are associated to that feeling.
4) The group offers feedback - the 360 degree reflection helps the group member sharing to discover new perspectives and insights.
5) The process repeats with 1-2 more group members as the shift of energy ripples out across the entire group.

2) What are the benefits of these sessions?

These processes allow us to navigate the ups and downs of our lives through metacognitive awareness, to recognise the patterns of our behaviour and to show up with honesty and integrity for ourselves and others.

Ultimately, we practice self-development in community to serve a world that desperately needs more of this work.

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