Jordan Bakker

Co-Founder / Head Facilitator

"I started Integral Melbourne with Sid as a platform for sharing some of the techniques that had helped us on our own journeys, and with the hope of building a bit more of a community of people who are passionate about personal development and making the world a better place. That was back in mid-2018 – what a fun ride it has been since!

Outside of Integral Melbourne, I’m a high school teacher and a psychology student. One day I hope to design and implement engaging whole-school approaches to wellbeing and personal development! In my spare time I love singing, dancing, surfing and hanging out with my family and friends."

Siddharth Vadasseri

Co-Founder / Facilitator

"I get excited by the idea that as individuals and as a society, we’re on a journey of continual growth, and that there are tools and techniques we can use to help us along the way. This community is a place where we can do that together! We’ve created Integral Melbourne as a context for practicing self-development in community, and finding ways to integrate personal growth with creating positive change in the world.

Outside of Integral Melbourne, I’ve studied law, commerce, and some philosophy too, and was the community manager of a Melbourne based tech startup hub. I’m on a journey to discover how I can best contribute to building a more harmonious society where more of us can flourish together."

Nicholas Bloom

Facilitator / Operations Coordinator

"It was love at first sight when I hosted the first Soul Talk group in my home. I felt how powerful, transformative and universal the technique is and I knew I wanted to play a role in the growth of this community. The honest sharing and raw vulnerability is beautifully held and I find it deeply satisfying to offer a framework for others to break through their challenges.

Although I work in sports tech by day, I pour a lot of time and energy into my partner, family and close friends, reading, writing and journalling, cooking and building community. My daily mission is to create and facilitate spaces that empower others to improve their health and wellbeing."

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