"Soul Talk profoundly shifts, supports and unblocks me, even where I've believed I'm already free. The process of intricately facilitated group support of a receptive individual, is spicy yet sacred, grounding yet surreal. If you're curious, heed that calling and participate at your own pace." – Ashley B

"Soul Talk has been a breath of fresh air for me on my journey. Besides the fact that I get an immediate feeling of ease and joy during the group sessions, I also learn applicable tools to take with me which I use daily. As someone who has spent years taking part in therapy including clinical psychology, yoga, meditation and other holistic modalities; Soul Talk has been a wonderful addition to my other practices. Soul Talk helps me to control and modify my self-limiting thoughts/beliefs and allows me to connect with other people in a profound way that I haven't experienced before. I consider Soul Talk to be a non-negotiable time in my week." – Rachel M

"It's been a real joy getting involved with Soul Talk. The sessions are wonderful, open spaces in which I've felt a lot of healing take place within myself, and seen similar in others. It's a safe environment, one which promotes and encourages vulnerability - a key to growth." – Dane P

"I’m super happy to have come across the Integral Melbourne Community. I love being part of the Soul Talk groups and have found a huge amount of value in connecting to others through this process. I’d definitely recommend coming along to one of the events if you haven’t already!" – Julia N

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